Get Hammered

Congratulations to Elizabeth Bear, whose first novel Hammered is officially in bookstores today (five days before my own book, officially at least):

You can buy it here, or read an excerpt here. Or, read a review here. Don’t have it yet personally, but it’s on order, and I’m looking forward to the read.

6 Comments on “Get Hammered”

  1. Hey, John, that link doesn’t appear to work without a “www” in front of it. Just so’s you know.

  2. I am getting my copy today.

    Whatever: Get Hammered Elizabeth Bear’s first novel, Hammered, is now officially out there. Borders or B&N today after work will be my destination…you can order it at amazon through the link through the cover art (Pretty, isn’t it?)…

  3. Well, I was going to re-read some of my older Heinlein now that I’ve finished Old Man’s War… but I suppose I might as well try another new author. Especially if it’s just 7 bucks, and features a fellow Canadian.

    And that lone review on seems suitably impressed, and probably deserves some company.

  4. Having just found this site, and your mentioning cover art, the art for Hammered looks like a direct ripoff of the “Jani Kilian” novels by Kristine Smith. On first glance I though it was one of hers.

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