Daily Archives: January 7, 2005

A Terrifying Moment of Personal Introspection

Balding? Check. Unshaven due to deadline? Check. Hand brace to avoid RSI? Check. Strange Horizons t-shirt? Check. Stack of anime DVDs? Check. Aggressively messy desk? Check. Geeked-out dual-monitor computer set-up complete with Web cam? Check. Glasses? Check. Haven’t seen anyone but family and pets in over a week? Check. Employing mediocre Photoshop talents to avoid […]

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Word Processing

The Whatever has a fair share of visitors who are professional writers (and an equally fair share of visitors who could/will be pro writers, when/if the capricious gods of publishing align their stars in the correct configuration), so let me throw this out to y’all: As most of you know, I’m 35, and I started […]

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