Daily Archives: January 7, 2005

A Terrifying Moment of Personal Introspection

Balding? Check. Unshaven due to deadline? Check. Hand brace to avoid RSI? Check. Strange Horizons t-shirt? Check. Stack of anime DVDs? Check. Aggressively messy desk? Check. Geeked-out dual-monitor computer set-up complete with Web cam? Check. Glasses? Check. Haven’t seen anyone but family and pets in over a week? Check. Employing mediocre Photoshop talents to avoid […]

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Word Processing

The Whatever has a fair share of visitors who are professional writers (and an equally fair share of visitors who could/will be pro writers, when/if the capricious gods of publishing align their stars in the correct configuration), so let me throw this out to y’all: As most of you know, I’m 35, and I started […]

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Commenting Note

Just to let you all know, sometime soon — probably in the next week — I’m going to disable commenting for all threads previous to December 2004, in an attempt to minimize spammation. So if there’s something you want to say on any of the posts earlier than this, now’s the time.

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