Design Note

I’m pretty much done fiddling with the design of the Whatever for a while, so I hope you like the new design, which is clearly inspired by the artwork and color palette of Old Man’s War. I had liked the previous design quite a bit, but eventually the gray design got to me — I think it was it being winter and all. The new color scheme is a bit more colorful, although hopefully without being obnoxiously so. However, love it or hate it, you’re stuck with it for at least several months, because doing design work is a pain.

Have a great weekend — I’ll see you Monday.


More Details

A little more information about the hardcover version of Agent to the Stars (and it should be understood that all of this is very preliminary):

* This is indeed going to be a limited-run edition. The current plan is for a print run of 1,000 copies, each of these copies numbered, as well as signed by yours truly. These hardcovers will probably be a higher price than the average hardcover (but not significantly higher; it’s not like I’m famous or anything), but I expect I might be able to wrangle a discount for Whatever readers. Stay tuned.

* Want your Agent to the Stars version in something more, oh, I don’t know, ritzy? 26 copies of A2S will be printed in an ultra-deluxe edition, which will be lettered, leatherbound and set in their own traycase. These will also be signed, possibly with an ink created from my very blood! Okay, probably not that last part. These versions will be pricey — we’re talking probably $150 or so. Think of it as an investment, and then every time you see me you can yell at me to get back to work in order to keep the value of those books high. See? It’s a motivation tactic!

* We’re looking at a July/August 2005 release for the book, which would situate it nicely between OMW (out now, as if you didn’t know), and The Ghost Brigades, which is tentatively scheduled for January 2006. Naturally, take this with a very large grain of salt, since OMW was originally scheduled for 2003.

* In a very nice gesture, Bill Schafer (Subterranean Press’ big cheese) asked me if there was anyone who I preferred do the cover art, and indeed I did have someone in mind. We’re chatting with him now about it, and if we can get him, time and other factors permitting, well, let’s just say it would rock. We’ll have to see.

That’s where things are at the moment.

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