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I won’t be updating any more today, on account of Athena doesn’t have school and we intend to go out and do something fun, so while I’m away, why not check out SF writer Justine Larbalestier’s updated site, which new includes a groovy new area for her excellent upcoming novel, Magic or Madness. She’s also got excellent musings, including the most recent one on a new variant of cricket that makes the game apparently even less comprehensible to us Yanks than it was before. Go, cricket, go!

I’m getting indications that Old Man’s War copies are becoming scarce on the ground — A hopeful Canadian purchaser says she was told the book was sold out (although they hoped to get more copies in two weeks), and the BN.com page for my book says that it’s not even available until January 28, which is very odd since I know it was available for sale on the site in December and earlier this month. Amazon has it in stock, but notes a 5 to 8 day delay in delivery. And on top of it all, it’s still not available at my local bookstore.

I’m a little annoyed that the book seems to be pulling a “now you see me, now you don’t” act, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about it, of course. Hopefully we’ll get the kinks out of the distribution system soon, and anyone who wants a book can find it. In the meantime, if you’re having trouble locating the book, there’s always the Science Fiction Book Club, and, well, Wal-Mart.

Have a good Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Do something inclusive.

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  1. FWIW my local B&N still hasn’t gotten my ordered copy in! And I checked the racks at Wal Mart to no avail. I can wait, of course, but I don’t want to.

  2. I ordered it last Thursday from BN.Com and they sent it right out. It am only about half way through, but it is excellent.

  3. Last night I picked up what seemed to be the last copy at Pandemonium, a SciFi bookstore in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Read it last night, too, when I should have been doing something else. Superb book.

  4. Excellent! Good to hear. Still nothing ’round these parts of Ohio. As they say: Sigh.

  5. “King fought his enemy, and he defeated his enemy, with the one weapon against which the enemy had put up no defense: love. He loved his enemy when his enemy could not love him, and that was their undoing. And he taught that love. He created an army of love. He fought, and won, with weapons of mass devotion.”

    – A fictional minister, quoted in a fictional blog.

    I did spend a fair bit of time today thinking about King, and reading some of King’s writing. There are far worse ways to kill time on the Web.

  6. Saw one copy at Cody’s Books in Berkeley, CA over the weekend, and promptly bought it. I’m rarely physically in a bookstore, and I figured I’d better buy it soon, since it seems to be getting scarce. I’m looking forward to reading it!


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