ConFusion 31 Schedule

For those of you who are interested in finding me (or alternately, avoiding me) at the ConFusion 31 science fiction convention this weekend, here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing:

When: Friday, 10pm: Media Year in Review
What: We discuss the movies, television, and comics of the past year.
Who: Cathy Raymond, John Scalzi, Kiel Phegley
Notes: We’ll be doing this against the second half of a concert given by Guest of Honor Emma Bull and Toastmaster Steven Brust, so I’ll be interested in seeing if anyone actually shows up.

When: Saturday, 11am: Blogging: News, Opinions, People, Life
Where: SALON G
What: Blogging as a replacement for actually seeing people. Blogging to tell people your opinions and ideas. Blogging to get the news. Blogging is here, but what does it accomplish?
Who: Jeri Smith-Ready, John Scalzi, Kathryn Cramer, Larry Kestenbaum
Notes: Clearly I’ll have much to say on this topic, not the least because I just sold a second novel through my site.

Aside from these, I’ll be at least a few panels. I’m particularly interested in the Universe Happenings with Brother Guy panel, as it features a talk on the latest astronomical happenings by the curator of the Vatican Meteorite collection, and I just think that’s a cool position to have. I also think his personal intellectual positions are interesting. His talk actually starts as the Bull/Brust concert begins, so he may have even fewer people at his panel than I do at mine on Friday night. Still, he’ll have at least one person there. There are also some interesting panels on Saturday. I may flit about to see them.

Beyond that: Dunno. I imagine that people will eventually gravitate barwards or party wards, and I doubt I’ll be an exception to the general rule. Otherwise, if you see me and want to say hello, please feel free to do so. It’s a con, and I’m aware people will approach me randomly, so I won’t grab the mace. This will actually be my first non-Worldcon SF convention, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the differences in scale play out.

4 Comments on “ConFusion 31 Schedule”

  1. Just so you know: I never heard of you, but now I’ve read your blog I’m gonna buy your books. Read an excerpt from OMW and liked it. So, um, for whatever that’s worth.

    Oh, and I wait with bated b. for your alternate history novel in which the north allows the south to secede, then invades.

  2. “Oh, and I wait with bated b. for your alternate history novel in which the north allows the south to secede, then invades.”

    Heh! It’ll be a while. That’s a lot of research.

  3. John:

    Do you know if there’s any way to simply go to see you and pay some sort of reduced fair? I’m interested in seeing your Saturday morning panel discussion, but I have to admit that I’m blanching at spending $35 for one session.


  4. Joe: You’d have to check with the people running the convention. I’m not privy to how they are doing things in terms of “pop-in” folks.

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