Entertainment Weekly Review for Old Man’s War

Yes, I’ve heard that Entertainment Weekly has run a review of Old Man’s War in the latest issue (thank you to everyone who sent e-mails and comment messages). No, I haven’t seen it. I subscribe but that particular issue hasn’t arrived yet, and they haven’t posted the review online. Yes, I’m curious as to what the review says; I know it’s reasonably positive, but otherwise I’m in the dark. If someone would be so kind as to send along the text to me, I would of course be appreciative.

Update: Ah, here we go — my wife picked it up from the mailbox before she went out and about. It’s a thumbnail review, and the gist is: “War’s thought-provoking first half overrides the sometime cartoonish alien battles at the end.” Rating: B+. I can live with that. As I mentioned to Krissy, I like the thought-provoking bits myself, but if the book ever gets optioned for a movie, it’ll be because of the battle scenes.

Also reviewed this week: Elizabeth Bear’s Hammered, Allen Steele’s Coyote Rising and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s Cleopatra 7.2. EW gave Coyote Rising a slightly higher grade than OMW, but as Allen Steele is one of my favorite SF authors, you won’t hear me complaining about that. Hammered does pretty well, too.

Also, completely unrelated: my stalkers will be pleased to hear that I will be attending Wiscon in May.

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