Booklist Review

Well, this is nice: A review of Old Man’s War in Booklist, which is the magazine of the American Library Association. I found the review in, of all places, the French version of Amazon (I just wanted to see if the French have access to my books, okay? Is that so wrong?). However, it’s also up on the US version as well, albeit hidden on the “Editorial Reviews” page, so I hadn’t seen it — because, despite the clearly pathetic trawling through the various Amazon sites worldwide, I’m not actually obsessed about finding every single mention of the book. Honest. Anyway the review is pretty positive; here’s the gist of it:

Scalzi’s blending of wry humor and futuristic warfare recalls Joe Haldeman’s classic, The Forever War (1974), and strikes the right fan–pleasing chords to probably garner major sf award nominations.

Hopefully, that’ll convince today’s tragically cash-strapped libraries to pick up a copy or two (I’ve already gifted my local library with a copy, of course).

As for the “major sf award nominations” thing — eh. I definitely appreciate the thought in regard to how it speaks to the book’s quality and readability, but I think worrying about awards of any sort is a fine, fine way to go insane. I’m still well into the “just glad to be here” career stage. Also, it’s barely February, so the vast majority of the SF/F Class of 2005 has yet to arrive. Let’s see what the rest of the year has to offer before we start stampeding toward the Hugos and Nebulas like Filene’s Basement shoppers zeroing in on the sale bin.

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