Amazon Best Seller, Blah Blah Blah

A little bird tittered in my ear that Old Man’s War has crawled onto the Amazon Best Seller list in the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre: At this very second it’s #12 (this will almost certainly change quickly, this being Amazon), just slightly above The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Just below that: George Orwell, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Ayn Rand. Golly. This is probably the last time I’ll be on top of all of these characters, and I resolve to savor this moment duly.


Okay, I’m done.

Before anyone thinks that I’ve hauled myself onto a bestseller list by myself, even a narrow-gauge one such as this one, I’ll note that yesterday Instapundit gave the book a nice mention once again, thus bumping up the Amazon rankings once more. He’s definitely getting an acknowledgment in the next book, I tell you. Aside from that other bloggers have also promoted the book: here and here and here, for example (and there’s a very touching testimonial here). This is exactly the grassroots sort of stuff that makes a real difference for a book like mine, and I’m genuinely humbled so many bloggers have chosen to read it and write about it. So: many, many thanks.

Update: Here’s a good reason Old Man’s War is guaranteed to fall off this best seller list — at the moment, Amazon’s down to its last five copies (they say more are on the way, however). Jeez. Talk about inconvenient timing.


SF/F Novel Advances, Continued

No time for a long, involved entry today (I’m hip deep in Bon Jovi at the moment — and it smells like creaky leather), but if you’re at all interested in learning what science fiction and fantasy authors are really making, Tobias Buckell has compiled the current results of his genre advance survey for your edification, based on over 70 data points (otherwise known as “authors”) who offered info both on their very first advances and on their current advances (if they have more than one book). I’m happy to say that my advances seem to be either at or above the median for my genre, so I personally have nothing to get moody or depressed about, at least on that score.

I’ll also note that Tobias is looking for more SF/F writers to add their information so he can pare down the margin of error in the sample (which now stands at a not entirely acceptable 11%), so if you write science fiction and/or fantasy novels and get paid for it, why not add your information? Tobias will even allow you to enter your data anonymously. Seriously, Tobias is doing some yeoman work here, so help out the guy, already.

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