A Link You Don’t Get Every Day But Should

Personally, I think it’s always a happy day when a professional dominatrix links to my writing advice, and suggests that much of the advice translates neatly into her of field of professional endeavor. Well, and I imagine it does. You can add your own “writing is a dominant/submissive exercise” allusions here (“Why do you think they call it submitting? Huh? Huh?!?“). But more seriously, I’ve seen a couple of other people link to the advice and say it tracks pretty well with their professions as well. Except possibly that, say, plumbers won’t get any action showing off their pipe snake at a coffee shop (on second thought, maybe they will. Pipe snake indeed!).

Now, before anyone complains, quite obviously if I’m linking to a blog of a professional dominatrix, you may run across something on her site to which you object. Or, alternately, something that excites you. Or both! Funny how that works sometimes.

8 Comments on “A Link You Don’t Get Every Day But Should”

  1. John, are you notified every time you get a trackback to any entry throughout the entire archive of the site? (Am unfamiliar with MT and the mechanisms of trackbacks and such.)

  2. John:

    This is absolutely classic! I think that your contribution to the development of her writing skills entitles you to a 50% discount on an “oral strap-on training/humiliation” session, at the very least!

  3. … I think my pro dom friend mentioned Mistress Matisse to me the other day (to prevent some of you from getting funny ideas and to provide some of you with material for your funny ideas, I note that we were in a Pizza Hut). I am really not prepared for this sort of violent concatenation of completely unrelated aspects of my life.

  4. I’ve always wanted to write a dating ad with the header, “writer seeks same for simultaneous submission.” I’ve linked to your piece on my blog, too. Much appreciated it.

  5. “Writer seeks same for simultaneous submission.”

    Ha! Well, I know *I’d* respond.

    Thanks, Nalo. Glad you liked it.

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