Happy Valentine’s Day

(For those of you tuning in via RSS aggregator, there’s a cartoon here.)

7 Comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Eh, roses are just compost on the hoof and a waste of good money that could have been spent on something worthwhile. Like chocolate. Or a blockbuster movie with aliens and explosions and CGI effects. (Or both, given the cost of roses these days).

    This year, we opted for pizza and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Part 2. Ah, romance.

  2. Uhura said:
    “Valentine’s Day is for suckers.”

    Preferably the butterscotch flavored ones from See’s Candy. I love those things.

  3. Scott,

    You’re right, the butterscotch ones are amazing. Though for some reason I’m drawn more to the chocolate and vanilla flavors…

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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