Well, this is nice: Noreascon refunded me my membership fee, on account it made a profit (or some such). I have rolled it over for an Interaction membership, so now the net cost of the Interaction membership will be about $30. Thanks, Noreascon!

In other news, I just bought my Interaction membership and booked a room at the Best Western Glasgow Milton Hotel & Spa, so y’all can expect to see me in Glasgow in early August.

In other other news, I’ll also be at Penguicon in April, mostly to see how jittery Cory will be ahead of the Nebula Weekend, which will be the next weekend in Chicago. I had given some thought to being at Nebula weekend — I love Chicago — but I’m going to skip out of that.

So, then, my convention schedule: Penguincon, Wiscon, Interaction. And then I suspect that will be that for 2005, except, possibly, Context. That’s five conventions in a year, up from one for each of the previous two. That’s more than enough conventioneering for one person, I’d say.

2 Comments on “Conventioneering”

  1. I’m going to Interaction, too — and it’s a trip home for us (kinda), since the husband is English. I’ve never been to Scotland before, though, so I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Ah Glasgow – makes me homesick. Cool city. I’m jealous. Very.

    Crappy exchange rate right now though. Take plenty of cash (shouldn’t be a problem with all the books you’re selling)


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