Daily Archives: February 20, 2005

Just So We’re Clear:

A guy who secretly tapes your conversations and then releases them to the public (and/or the New York Times)? He’s a dick. Even if the guy who’s being recorded is now the President of the United States.

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Annoyed! Arrrrr!

Is it wrong for me to be annoyed at Naomi Kritzer for having a journal and not telling me, leaving me to find out about it completely by accident while snuffling through my server logs? Yes, yes it is. Even so: Jeez, Naomi. Thanks a lot. However, now I’ve found you out, so ha! Also, […]

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The Problem With Parents

Those of you who come here often know that I’m no fan of the more obnoxious elements of the “child-free” community, and indeed positively delight in their snitty impotent rage at small children and the people who breed them. That being said, I will give the childfree folks credit for harping on one very important […]

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