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0ld m4/\/z w4|2 is teh r0><0r, d00dz!!!! I 4m 1337!! Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just trying to hang with the kids and, you know, speak teh language. (For those of you completely out in the dark, the number “1337” — which is the Amazon ranking in the picture above — is an analogue for […]

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I Never

(Warning/Enticement: Unseemly yet anti-climatically non-revealing sexual content follows) A correspondent notes: Your riff on 10 Things I’ve Done You Probably Haven’t reminds me of a little parlor game we used to play that was almost the inverse: The “I’ve Never…” Game in which each person at the table, in the car, around the campfire, lounging […]

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Hunter S. Thompson

Like every other guy who wrote for a college newspaper in the last 30 years, there was a time I wanted to be the next Hunter S. Thompson, until I realized (as we all inevitably do) that being the next Hunter S. Thompson wasn’t merely a writing aspiration, but a lifestyle choice for which most […]

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