Daily Archives: March 1, 2005

Cool Book Club News Which Segues Into Shameless Shill

The cool book club news: The Science Fiction Book Club has sold out of its entire first printing of Old Man’s War and is whipping up a second print run. I’m pleased. If you bought a SFBC copy, thanks. The segue: There is no segue. I thought there would be, but then, suddenly, there wasn’t. […]

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Just a Thought

Yet another story of a kid getting in trouble because of something he wrote: A George Rogers Clark High School junior arrested Tuesday for making terrorist threats told LEX 18 News Thursday that the “writings” that got him arrested are being taken out of context… “My story is based on fiction,” said Poole, who faces […]

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Asimov and the Cleti

Boing Boing pointed to a cache of computer ads from the 1970s and 80s yesterday; this one in particular caught my eye. And here’s why: 1. I have fond memories of being 12 years old and fiddling around with the TRS-80 Model III at the Glendora Public Library, writing little BASIC programs into the computer. […]

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Completing the Trifecta of Adorable Cat Abuse Photos

My kid rocks. And that’s all I have to say about that. This picture now joins the other two, each featuring a different cat in the family. Here’s the one with Lopsided Cat, from last summer: And of course the popular one featuring Ghlaghghee, from last year: Oh, don’t worry. They’re all perfectly fine. And […]

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