Moon River


I was listening to the Petra Haden-Bill Frisell cover of “Moon River,” when Athena walked into the room, listened to the song for a little while and said, gravely, “That song is so sad. It sounds like the very last day we will ever see each other.”

Yeah, I needed a hug after that.

Listen for yourself.

(RealAudio via this site)

Play Ball


Spring is this close. I am ready.

Play Ball


Spring is this close. I am ready.

A New Euphemism For You

A sphincto-cranial event in progress.

Here’s a fun new euphemism for you to learn and share. When you want to suggest someone has their head well up their own ass, but are in a place and time where such a comment would be inappropriate (say, a church service or in conversation with a cherubic group of kindergarteners), use this phrase instead:

A Sphincto-Cranial Event.

As in:

“You’re engaged in a sphincto-cranial event,” or

“Jill’s x-rays showed an intense sphincto-cranial event,” or even

“Come quick! Bob is having a sphincto-cranial event of monumental proportions!”

Try it now! Write your own “Sphincto-Cranial Event” comment for the enjoyment of all! Feel free also to suggest your own variations (i.e., “A Sphincto-Cranial Excursion,” “A Festival of Sphincto-Cranialism,” “She’s Represented by the Law Offices of Sphincto and Cranial,” etc.)

(in case you’re wondering what precipitated this new euphemism, it was this comment thread over at Electrolite, in which someone who wrote the rather sphincto-cranial comment “Women do not write hard science fiction today because so few can hack the physics,” showed up to defend the comment to an audience of science fiction writers (some of whom were women who write Hard SF) and succeeded only in making his sphincto-cranial event even more intense. By the time he was done he was halfway up his own alimentary canal. A good time was had by all, except possibly this fellow’s rectum.)