A Snippet From the Edward Gorey Players

What happens when a dramatic six-year-old gets as far as “N is for Neville” in The Gashleycrumb Tinies?

Find out, why don’t you.

6 Comments on “A Snippet From the Edward Gorey Players”

  1. I have sworn up and down that I am using that book as my progeny’s first introduction to the alphabet. (Neville and Xerxes are my favourites.)

  2. OK, everyone else seems fine with this, so I’ll be the one to come out & say it: What the @#$^&! is that book? Nightmare in a box?

    “Look honey – 26 ways you can die a horrible death! Sleep tight…”

  3. Are you kidding? The Gashleycrumb Tinies are awesome. Clearly, not for every kid. But Athena handles the macabre remarkably well.

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