Glub, Glub

Happiness isn’t: Two inches of standing water in your basement from a broken pipe.

Consequently, this is all you get today. Enjoy!

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  1. I don’t mean to poke fun at your misfortune (okay, that’s a lie), but I find it just a little funny that a pipe burst in your basement less than a week after you said your house was in good shape and you didn’t have to worry about it falling apart. Irony at work!

  2. Die, Joseph! Die!

    Hey, plumbing incidents happen. What can you say. However, the general infrastructure of the house is solid, and I feel reasonably comfortable saying that. We’ll find out what the problem was fairly quickly, in any event.

  3. Around these parts we have to remember to disconnect all the outside hoses in the fall.

    Otherwise the faucets freeze and burst inside the walls.

    Did that happen to you?

  4. Ah, water damage — the Homeowner Gods’ way of preventing you from accumulating disposeable income.

    Last year my son (then just three) was using our bathroom while my wife was in the guest bathroom. He washed his hands, then apparently decided it would be fun to turn on the faucets full bore. When my wife noticed the noise and went to investigate, he was cavorting naked in an inch of water on the floor, and the water had flooded the carpet of our bedroom and into her closet. $1750 later, it was fixed. I’ll be remembering that when he is a teenage and succeptible to parent-inflicted public embarassment.

  5. Sympathies, John. And I mean “sympathy” in the classical sense, for neither is happiness discovering yesterday that one’s basement carpet is soaked and probably molding because one’s water heater has been leaking for an indeterminate time.

  6. To me, there’s something special about one of your favorite authors telling you to die. I’ll cherish this moment forever.

    (Also, I finally ordered Old Man’s War. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Curse you,!)

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