The Greatest Athena Picture Yet

Athena celebrating her victory on Dance Dance Revolution
(800×600 image pop-up).

12 Comments on “The Greatest Athena Picture Yet”

  1. Ahhh, dude…takes me back to my stage days (only I had on less clothing and more hair gel). But I soooo recognize the look of hyperactive satisfaction over a performance that was just absofriggenlutely nailed.

    Too cute. Just wait til she grows up and you have to start worrying about where all that excess energy is going. ;-D

  2. That is absolutely adorable! I love how she’s throwing up the horns. It’s a great picture.

  3. That is absolutely adorable! I love how she’s throwing up the horns. It’s a great picture.

  4. All right! She’s probably better at DDR than I am…even before I dislocated my kneecap (slipping on black ice, not playing DDR!). And now I’m horribly out of practice as a result.I see she’s on PS2…I’m on Xbox. Too bad, if she went against me on XBL, she’d probably completely 0wnz0r me.

  5. I suppose they might, were we to use the fireplace with any frequency, which we don’t.

  6. Looking at that picture makes me long for things I can’t have. Not your daughter (I have a kid of my own, and he’s plenty), not the fireplace, not the TV, not Dance Dance Revolution…

    It’s that large, uncluttered living space. Lord, how I would love to live that way.

    Unfortunately, I’m a messy person. I simply can not organize things in any sensible way. Ask me to pick up the living room, and I end up spending ten minutes with a piece of paper in my hands, wondering where the hell I should put it. (However, I can scrub a pot or a bathtub until it sparkles).

    My wife, who has a genius for organizing things, is also a pack rat. She just can’t throw things away.

    As a result, our apartment is packed with shelves and boxes and crates, all packed with various things picked up at yard sales and discount stores. Before we had a kid, my wife would have a day of whirlwind organizing, clearing stuff off the floor or off desks and tables and placing them on shelves. It made our living space feel like one of those movie death traps where the walls close in and crush you, but in our case the walls moved slowly, slowly, slowly.

    Now that we have a little one, we’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff, almost no where to put it, and no time for her to reorganize the room.

    And hey, it’s not like we can just *get rid of stuff….*

    Ah, well. I’m resigned to it.