Spooky Girl

Athena saw the earlier picture of me, and, showing the utter delight of the macabre that no doubt signal that her teenage years will be spent wearing black and ankhs, demanded that I make a picture of her just like it — “only scarier!” Well, okay.

Here’s the picture we started with:

And here’s the picture now. It’s the Pooh shirt that really makes it work, I think.

I’m thinking it will make a perfect Christmas card.

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  1. Black hole sun/Won’t you come/And wash away the rain?

    Black hole sun/Won’t you come/Won’t you come?
    [Black hole sun! Black hole sun!]

    Won’t you come?
    [Black hole sun! Black hole sun!]

  2. And don’t laugh at that entry. I used that tape to pick out two cars. Gas mileage? Odometer reading? Body condition? Nah! I just wanna know how badly Soundgarden will blast away my eardrums on the stereo.

  3. Congratulations, Jim, you just made me do the “clawed hand of disgust” while uttering the sort of incoherent gurgling typical of an appalled mechanical engineer.

    John, any chance you’d be willing to share with us the reactions that Athena’s grandparents have from the Christmas card?

  4. Ok, now you need to post the step-by-step process so the folks at home can create their own “Weekly World Style” images. Or I’ll grind your bones to bake my bread. Your sweet wonderful juicy bones would add something special to my sourdough bread…

  5. This morning was my first time here. Bookmarked you and everything.

    I too have a future goth girl (she’s my middle child between the future civil engineer and the future charismatic cult leader.)

    I like this Photoshopping the kids. Good “rainy day activity.” Don’t think it’ll appear on any family fun craft ideas web sites, but *I* like it.

  6. Carol Elaine – Spend my days being creative with acting stuff & cleaning up after animals for money. Spend my evenings cleaning cat puke for free. 'Tis a glamorous life.

    Tommyspoon: It’s simply the “Liquefy” filter on Photoshop. It offers the opportunity for much creepiness.

    And here I thought Photoshop offered a BatBoy filter. I’m strangely disappointed.

    (Yes, the Pooh shirt is particularly fitting. And is it me, or do Athena’s eyes look as if they are aflame?)

  7. I second the idea the you should use this for a christmas card!
    (Said the guy who used to send out the Edward Gorey cards…)

  8. I have not been here for a few days & thought I would catch up…. This is GREAT!!!!! Athena looks Just like her Aunt Heather first thing in the morning before coffee. I think it would make a grand Christmas card.

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