Welcome F6Rider and ValkyrieRiders Visitors

My uncle Gale “oZ” Scalzi was kind enough to put a big ol’ ad for Old Man’s War on F6Rider.com, the home site for the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club, which is the largest Honda Valkyrie club in the world, and that ad included a link back here. So, if you’re coming over from F6Rider.com, howdy! I’m glad to have you visit. Wander through and make yourself comfortable. Here’s a bio of me, so you’ll know a little more about me than me just being oZ’s nephew. Here’s also a page about my books, so you know what else I’ve written.

What you’re on now is the Whatever, a blog where I write, well, whatever it is I feel like writing about. At the moment that includes writing and editing (I’ll be guest-editing a science fiction magazine soon), the Terry Schiavo issue, rational vs. irrational politics, and playing with Photoshop to create some really spooky pictures (I promise you neither I nor my adorable child actually look like the spooky pictures. I swear). It’s a whole range of topics, and I hope you like what you see and will consider coming by often.

Those of you who know Gale personally know about his love for music; well, it runs in the family, and here’s some music I’ve put together myself. Enjoy.

And those of you who are already regular visitors here — Hey! Check out my uncle’s site, why don’t you. It’s very cool: About seven years ago he put up a page to celebrate his enjoyment of the Honda Valkyrie motorcycle, and now it’s the hub of entire motorcycle subculture, complete with awesome road trips and gatherings and 20,000 members. Not bad for a homebrewed site done for the love of it. It’s cool. My uncle’s cool.

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