Little Bits

Some quick notes before I abandon you all for the day (books don’t write themselves, alas).

* I’ll be out through Easter, and I hope yours is ressuriffic!

* I realize that some of you are frightened and confused that I’ve not posted anything self-congratulatory re: Old Man’s War, in, like, a week, so: Rick Kleffel essays OMW and other books obviously inspired by past works in Prizing the Derivatives: The Perfected Pastiche, and also OMW appears to be #3 on the SFBC Bestseller list at the moment, behind Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey and Destroyer by C.J. Cherryh. Groovy. And here’s a nice review from Fantastica Daily: “I absolutely adored this book from the first page.” Wheee! I know of at least one fairly significant review of the book that’s coming up, and some other interesting events have transpired with the book, but I’ll chat about those at some future point.

* Despite noting that submissions for the Subterranean Magazine issue I’m guest-editing will not be accepted before 10/1/05, I am — yes! — already receiving submissions. So let me note now that e-mails sent to before 10/1/05 will get an auto-responder message, telling them to submit after 10/1/05 and that their current e-mail will likely be deleted unread. The good news here is that since I’m doing bulk deletions, I’m not noting who is sending early submissions, so there’s going to be no penalty accrued if/when they re-submit on time. Still, luck favors those who follow directions. I’m just saying.

* If you had to choose between, say, a Sony PSP and a Mac Mini, what would you choose? I have no reason to ask; I’m merely curious.

* Just a question: What did Florida do to be so full of asshats?

Have a great weekend — see you all on Monday.

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