Hugo Goodness

The Hugo Awards are out (you can find the complete list here), and it’s been a good year for acquaintances and friends, among them:

Charlie Stross, who received three Hugo nominations this year, one for Best Novel (Iron Sunrise) and two in the Best Novella category (for “The Concrete Jungle” and “Elector”).

Kelly Link, for Best Novelette (“The Faery Handbag”)

James Patrick Kelly, for Best Short Story (“The Best Christmas Ever”)

Donato Giancola, for Best Professional Artist (Donato, you may recall, did the cover to my book, although it would be too early for him to be nominated for that)

The New York Review of Science Fiction for Best Semiprozine (they recently bought something from me, so I’m inclined to think well of them; David Hartwell is also nominated for Best Professional Editor)

Strange Horizons, for Best Web Site

And also Elizabeth Bear has been nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Whoo-hoo to you all!