Repeat Week — Goodies From the Lost Archives

Work has got me by the neck and is constricting me like a hungry boa, so I’ve got nothing new today, or likely for several days. BUT, rather than pull one of my famous hiati, I’m going to offer up some reruns. In particular, selections from my That Was the Millennium That Was series, written in 1999. Back then I had maybe a couple hundred visitors a day and now I have, uh, more. So these will be new to many of you. And they’re also fairly interesting. And, they’re also not on the current iteration of the site. And, I have a whole lot of ’em. Add it all up, and they’re fine candidates for repeating. These will run through the end of the week and possibly for a few days after that, so if you have seen these before, come back around next Monday and (God Willing) things will be back to normal.

For everyone else, some background: I wrote these at the tail end of 1999, when everyone was recapping the various “best” of the Millennia. I decided to cover some of the more obscure categories (Best Cheese of the Millennium, for example, or Best Hideously Inbred Royal Family of the Millennium) mostly because no one else had, and I did them right up to the crack of 2000 (yes, I’m aware that technically 2001 is the beginning of the millennium. Let’s not go there). I did them for my own amusement at the time, but later on I sold a bunch of them to the Uncle John’s people for one of their bathroom readers, thus beginning my association with that illustrious publisher (and eventually leading to the Book of the Dumb series). More proof it’s useful to have a Web site, and a high threshold for boredom.

So imagine it’s 1999 again, we’re on the cusp of a new millennium (more or less), and I’m wrapping up some of the best things of the last 1,000 years.

Got it? Then here’s the first one for you. It’s behind the cut.


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