I sent off the final chapter of Rough Guide to Science Fiction Film today, thus signaling the end of the book. There are a few other things to be done — several movie reviews and a few thumbnail reviews, mostly — but all the heavy lifting is done. You cannot imagine how happy I am about this; the book took rather a bit longer to write than I had expected (a consequence, as I’ve mentioned before, of rather more research being necessary than I had originally anticipated), so having it largely completed is huge load off my head. Now I can focus my attention on Ghost Brigades.

That is, next week. I’m spending the rest of this week to depressurize.


6 Comments on “Whew!”

  1. Very beutiful day out it’s just as much here in Chicago.
    Nice picture. Clouds look beutiful.

  2. Don’t you love that first forty-eight hours after a book is done? Your brain feels like a sponge that’s been wrung dry, and now it’s soaking up water once again.

  3. It was beautiful day out here in Ohio’s Big Brother, North Carolina (trust me, there’s a bagillion similarities), too. My roommate and I were sitting out our bistro-esque outdoor set on the porch of our apartment enjoying the day with a bottle of good imported beer and our laptops (yay wireless!). It was quite nice.

  4. Congrats on finishing the book. I’m quite looking forward to reading it. And then hitting the video rentals.

  5. In the land of pointless extrapolation of metaphor…

    I wonder if perhaps “cool off” is more appropriate than “depressurize”. Since, off the top of my head, the consequence of not doing so is “burn out” rather than a build up of pressure driven gas in the blood.

    Then again, if the problem is that the previous work would interfere too much with the following work, pressure would definitely be the correct metaphor. (things driven into you due to high pressure need time to escape so as to not cause problems in a second environment.)

    Wait a second… I’m talking about outgassing, not depressurizing. Never mind!

  6. This is just to say… I’m really looking forward to reading both Rough Guide to Science Fiction Film and Ghost Brigades.