Reader Request Week 2005: Get Your Requests In

You know, every day thousands of people drop by here to see what I’m ranting about, or to find out what excuse I’m proffering for not ranting today, and to each and everyone of you, I want to say: Thanks. Daily you slake my need for public exhibition, and you ask for so little in return, except for the occasional few who ask for money (the answer is still “no” on that, by the way). And since you all patiently put up with my blatherations, once a year, for a week, I like to turn over the subject of the site to you. Once I year, you call the tune, and I dance like the proverbial monkey that I am for your amusement.

This is my way of saying that next Monday I’ll start my 3rd Annual Reader Request Week: You suggest a topic, and I’ll write about it. How do you suggest a topic? Just drop it in the comment thread. What kind of topic can you suggest? Why, any that you like. And what do you get for suggesting a topic? Well, aside from the satisfaction of knowing you’ve saved me the processing cycles required to come up with a topic of my own, you’ll get an acknowledgment from me for your fabulous topic commendation, and, uh, well, I guess that’s it, aside from getting an answer from me on the topic. But don’t let that dissuade you. Maybe one year I’ll give out cash awards for the topics I pick. Just not this year.

So, please: Anything you ever wanted me to write about, feel free to mention it in the comment thread. I’ll wander through and pick at least one topic a day to discuss. It’s good, clean, healthy fun for everyone. And to make sure that you don’t ask a question about a topic I already addressed in 2004 or 2003, here are links to those articles.

From 2003:

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From 2004:

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I’m looking forward to reading your requests!