Yet Another Scalzi…

And boy, is she pretty. Meet Gina Scalzi. And talented, too, as she’s an award-winning actress. Which I will never ever have a hope to be. Anyway, hopefully her blog will one day expand past a head shot.

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  1. I guess she is taking that whole “Picture is worth a thousand words” angle. I was going to try something similar, but I realized a picture of my head is only worth two or three words tops.

  2. You skipped the key data.


    And a close enough relation to you that you’ll whip out the sledgehammer when people ask that question?

  3. Actually, as far as I know, she’s not a relation of mine. As rare as Scalzis are, they are not so rare that all of us are related (but then again, she could be a relation. Who knows?)

  4. “she’s an award-winning actress. Which I will never ever have a hope to be.”

    Nevermind winning any awards, if you ever get as far as “actress” I’ll be either very worried or very impressed :P.

  5. Wow, claim her if only to give some more credit to your gene pool. If only women like that existed in real life, instead of just in LA LA Land.

  6. Her physical qualifications aside, using Blogger as a free web headshot is not something I would have thought of.

  7. Hi John!

    Thanks for the good words! I think all Scalzi’s must be related, in the end. I’m told the name itself translates to “without stockings” and is the name of a monastry (sorry spelling is not my strong suit)and at least one bridge back in the home land. In my case the name is symbolic — I began my career, early on, as a dancer, and worked with some amazing modern dancers. “Queen of the Sockless”. I’m second generation on that side of the family. Italian through and through though (well, a little errant French, but you know one of my grandfathers is Sicilian…). Keeping busy with work, thankfully. Thanks for the link – right back at you. Am I right that you use to review a film or two?


  8. Hello, Gina!

    Yes indeed, I was a film critic, and still am, although now I am mostly confined to DVDs.

    My understanding of “Scalzi” was that it meant “barefoot” (“without stockings” certainly qualifies), and indeed there’s a Scalzi Bridge in Venice and a Scalzi order of nuns.

    Congratulations on your acting accolades! I look forward to seeing your film work.

  9. I am also a Scalzi and a actor. Were are you from? Is Scalzi your real name? I’m on IMDB under EJ Scott, but my real name is Ernie Scalzi. I just thought it was funny. I hope to hear from you. I would love to more about you. Us Scalzi should stick together.

  10. Good to see people are noticing this little gem. I have had the privilege of knowing Gina, and her looks do not do justice to what an amazing person she is. I hope all is going well for Ms. Scalzi, but I have a feelings everything is going just fine. Take care, G!

  11. I would like to talk with Gina Scalzi or John. Do you guys live in CA?

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