Daily Archives: April 14, 2005

Your Weird Moment of Synchronicity for the Day

I’m listening to “Every Day I Write the Book,” by Elvis Costello, and came to the part in the final verse where Costello opines: Even in a perfect word, where everyone was equal I’d still own the film rights, and be working on the sequel To which I thought: Hey! I do own the film […]

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A Special Edition of OMW

Earlier today, Instapundit posted this entry. This inspired me to do something, which in turn inspired me to send Glenn an e-mail, which inspired him to make another posting here. For those of you too lazy to click through, here’s the e-mail I sent to Glenn: Maj. Tammes’ note about being “hyped up” to read […]

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Reader Request 2005: Pot!

David Graham asks: What I’d be interested in is your feelings on marijuana and how that has changed since you’ve had a child and grown older? I’m 24 at the moment and personally I don’t use it but my fiancé and friends do use it. Well, without going into Lifetime TV Movie detail about it, […]

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Full-On Geekery

I was having a philosophical discussion about geekery the other night with Kate Nepveu, about whether to qualify for geekdom one needs to have a certain level of technical/mechanical/mathematical aptitude, or if just having the outward trappings of geekdom were enough to seal the deal. I argued for the former, while she tended toward the […]

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