I was sent this the other day: CUSP, by Robert A. Metzger, a Nebula-nominated SF author who is also a frequent reader of the site. I’ve just started reading it, but so far it’s pretty interesting and starts with a heck of an opening scene, in which the sun sprouts an immense jet and high-tails away while the Earth finds itself quartered by immense pole and equator-spanning walls that sprout from the very ground. I suspect the Freemasons are involved.

Naturally, I’m curious to find out what Metzger’s going to do with this. That’s the fun of Hard SF, though, isn’t it: You create these immense technological doo-dads, now you gotta play with them, and from the first chapters at least, you can tell Metzger enjoys fiddling around with the geegaws.

Note to self: Create some awesome Hard SF thing to play with sometime. I’m thinking maybe a moon-sized block of cheese. Think of the possibilities.

Odd Request

Okay, I gave in totally and configured my e-mail on the Mac. Would you do me a favor and send me some e-mail so I can see whether I did it right (and to train my spam filters not to shunt real mail to the junk folder)? And let me know if it bounces back (in the comment thread naturally). Please disregard this message if you’re seeing it after 4/18/05.

Krissy’s Birthday


As most of you know, I am fortunate enough to share my life with someone who is so immeasurably better than a schmuck like me deserves that it’s even remotely funny, and it’s her birthday today. So if you are of a mind to, please wish Krissy a happy birthday; I’m sure she will appreciate it. I’ve already given her her birthday gift as of last week (the iPod mentioned in the previous entry — actually an iPod mini (it’s blue!)), but today is the real date, and that’s worth noting. The picture, by the way, was taken by Athena. How Athena got the grass to go all black and white like that I’ll never know.