Krissy’s Birthday


As most of you know, I am fortunate enough to share my life with someone who is so immeasurably better than a schmuck like me deserves that it’s even remotely funny, and it’s her birthday today. So if you are of a mind to, please wish Krissy a happy birthday; I’m sure she will appreciate it. I’ve already given her her birthday gift as of last week (the iPod mentioned in the previous entry — actually an iPod mini (it’s blue!)), but today is the real date, and that’s worth noting. The picture, by the way, was taken by Athena. How Athena got the grass to go all black and white like that I’ll never know.

19 Comments on “Krissy’s Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Krissy! I’d say something smartass about how it would take an Aries to live happily with someone who blogs like John Scalzi, but you know, I don’t actually buy into astrology. But that’s because I’m an Aries, too, and we’re skeptical that way.

  2. Happy Birthday Krissy!

    (The picture is in Athenavision, so the color intensity is adjusted for relative importance.)

    (Pun intended)

  3. You say it’s your birthday
    It’s my birthday too–yeah
    They say it’s your birthday
    We’re gonna have a good time
    I’m glad it’s your birthday
    Happy birthday to you.

    It really is my birthday too, yeah!

    So, happy birthday to you, Krissy!

    And happy birthday to me too!

  4. Happy birthday, Krissy, and many more! (And congrats on getting the iPod Mini; I know my wife Pamela loves her iPod…)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISSY!!!!! Sorry I’ma late.Love ya tons,hope you had a beautiful day!!! Thanks for being the wonderful gal that you are. Much love & respect, Heather


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