Odd Request

Okay, I gave in totally and configured my e-mail on the Mac. Would you do me a favor and send me some e-mail so I can see whether I did it right (and to train my spam filters not to shunt real mail to the junk folder)? And let me know if it bounces back (in the comment thread naturally). Please disregard this message if you’re seeing it after 4/18/05.

7 Comments on “Odd Request”

  1. Any e-mail, right?

    (I sent you a GMail invite. You decide for yourself whether that’s spam or not.) >8->

  2. John, any addresses you have in your address book are immune from junk filtering. I have a bunch of people in there who aren’t really “contacts” in the usual sense, but whose emails I know I want to get.

    Your other option is to set Junk Mail to Training — messages will get marked as junk but will stay in the inbox, so you can scan for false positives.

    Note that all of this might change in 11 days or so….

  3. John,

    Here’s a new Mac app you might find interesting.


    It’s for creating comics on a computer.

    (I’ve no connection to them. I just ran across it and thought you might find it interesting.)