Sunsets and Popes

First, here’s the sunset off my porch today:


And if you like that, here’s a larger version in pop-up form.

And for fun, a picture of the trees back behind my house earlier today:

What can I say? It was a pretty day around these here parts.

Second, I have nothing of interest to say about anything else, except to note that I’m still fiddling with my Mac like the shiny new toy it is. Hey: F9, F10, and F11 buttons? Geeeeeenius. I mean, really. As soon as I saw them, I thought: I want to lick my Mac (I did not). Thanks to Justine for pointing these zany bits of functionality out to me. I’ll also note that I broke with the overall mac aesthetic and picked up a two button mouse with a scroll wheel. No, it doesn’t look as cool as the Mac mouse, but now I don’t feel as if I’m mousing with one arm chopped off at the ball joint. There’s are limits to cool vs. functional, and those limits involve a second button and a scroll wheel. That is all.

As toward the big news of the day, I have no opinion as to Pope Benedict XVI, although I was curious about his name and looked up some of the previous Benedicts to see what the name represented. Given who the pope was prior to his elevation, I suspect the name had more to do with a tradition of intellectual, scholarly Benedicts than the reform-minded ones. Not being Catholic, this is something I don’t see myself spending to many processing cycles thinking about, although of course having said that I’m sure the new pope will do something that impacts my life directly and then I’ll be compelled to comment. Life is like that sometimes.