Daily Archives: April 21, 2005

Off to Penguicon

I’m out of here until Monday; I’m off to Penguicon (I’m actually leaving tomorrow, but since I’m leaving early I’m not updating when I get up). Consider this an open thread for y’all to enjoy while I’m away. If the prospect of an open thread frightens and terrifies you, you may instead choose to answer […]

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My Music

Because I know you’re passionately interested: My mp3 collection, all 7155 tracks of it. From this you can subtract several incidents of multiple listings of the same track, but add about 200 iTunes files that don’t show up here, which include the most recent albums from U2, Alison Moyet, Petra Haden and Bill Frisell, Garbage, […]

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Who The Hell Cares What’s Wrong With American SF?

Charlie Stross speculates, with only the tiniest hint of schadenfreude, as to why all the Hugo nominees for Best Novel this year are all British — or, more accurately, why none of them are American. After politely offering the olive branch of coincidence, Charlie’s off-the-cuff speculation is that American SF writers are depressed: Here I’m […]

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