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Because I know you’re passionately interested: My mp3 collection, all 7155 tracks of it.

From this you can subtract several incidents of multiple listings of the same track, but add about 200 iTunes files that don’t show up here, which include the most recent albums from U2, Alison Moyet, Petra Haden and Bill Frisell, Garbage, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Sarah McLachlan, Offspring and kd lang, the singles collection from Travis, some loose tracks from Mandy Moore, the Darkness, John Fogerty, and about thirty tracks of mariachi music (don’t ask). After you suck out the multiple listings and add in the tracks noted above, it comes out to about the same number of tracks as listed here.

I should note that this is by no means a complete accounting of my entire music collection, which totals close to 2,000 CDs, but the thought of feeding all those into the computer fills me with absolute dread. Absolute, I tell you.

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  1. There are services you can pay to do the conversion for you. The charge is reasonable.

    In fact I’d be willing to do it for you if you didn’t mind the wait of me doing it one by one into my laptop.

  2. Thanks, Pat. Actually, I’ve given some thought to hiring a local teenager for the job and paying him/her minimum wage plus the ability to rip any of the CDs he/she wants.

  3. Minimum wage might not be the way to go. you would probably want to piece work style wages. Minimum wage is 5.15, so at lets say 5 CDs an hour is still about 2000 bucks. A little over a dollar a cd. I think a better pitch would be I’ll pay you X per CD where X*(cd’s owned by Scalzi) is a reasonable figure.

    We could probably come to terms. Maybe based around you advertising me, and thus allowing me to launch my CD2MP3 conversion service.

    So maybe we could just work it out in trade, or something.

  4. BTW, long long long time reader, first time commentor. (At least I’m pretty sure I’ve never commented before)

    I just didn’t want you to think that I’m some kook that came out the woodwork.

    Kook, yes. Out of the woodwork, no.

  5. You gotta know, if I’m not gonna browse through a list of 2100 atheists and agnostics being prayed for, I’m sure as hell not browsing through 7000 plus songs belonging to someone else.

  6. I didn’t download them; I had them in my collection since the 80s. A little teutonic metal never hurt anyone.

  7. Oh, I graduated in ’91 — my lame metal past will always haunt me.

    I mean, I knew who Accept was, didn’t I?

    I saw Dokken.


  8. I saw Dokken on the Monsters Of Rock tour at the Collesium. (And that’s the first time I’ve ever said *that* in a public forum.) There are many other, funnier rock shows, though. I saw Bad English open for Whitesnake. On purpose.

    What good does it do me to see your list when I can’t steal them from a downloadable link? Oh, sure, I can go through the list assigning “Got it,” “Don’t want it,” “Want it,” and “What the hell?,” but that’s rather labor intensive, isn’t it? And in some cases, covetous.

  9. Hey, I saw Whitesnake with you, too! Although it was Great White who opened for them that time. Slip of the Tongue tour, back when we worked at the Wherehouse. Good times, good times.

  10. Wow! Isn’t it funny-the things you remember and the things you forget? Not only had I forgotten that we went to that show, I’d forgotten that you worked at the Wherehouse. Oops.

  11. I’ve given up on trying to obtain all the great music that I want to hear. I listen to streaming radio on my computer – radioio in particular. no commercials, I can choose from several streams, everything from 70’s to jazz or just listen to radioi eclectic and get a little bit of everything. Try it, you might like it!

  12. Because I know you’re passionately interested: (linkie) My mp3 collection (/linkie), all 7155 tracks of it.”

    Great! …Oh, it’s just the list of songs. Well, that’s nice, too.

  13. What, I’m going to post 7,155 massive copyright violations on my personal site? Jeez. Add up the legal fines and I’d be bankrolling the RIAA for a year.

  14. I won’t ask you to parse the difference between

    3211. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ (4:11)


    3212. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing (4:10)

    …except to say that I’m horrified. HORRIFIED!

  15. browsing that list did nothing quite so much as make me admit (again) how OCD I am about music names and organization. I’m a slob in my regular life, but my collection *buttpucker*.

    Capitalization mismatches! The horror… the horror. Not to mention that alphabetically ordered tracks hurt my brain. (which is why, on the rare occasions that I do make Mp3s, I include track-number as part of the title, so it will alphabetize into album order.

  16. Nice list,
    if i may make some suggestions?
    Dangerous Toys
    Skid Row
    just a suggestion :)
    if anyone suggested them before me
    pls disregard :)

    Tony LaVanway
    South Haven

  17. Definitely a lot of variety. I can see you’re a big fan on alternative rock. My library would look very similar. Glad to see you’ve got Opeth, too – get more.

    But…Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax…no Slayer?! What gives?

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