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Well. Got my advance check for The Ghost Brigades today. Guess that means I really do have to start writing it.

More to the point, however, is the fact that I feel ready to write it, which is to say I’ve reached a sufficient point of knowledge regarding certain key scenes and events that I can place them on the line and use them as guidepoints to write toward and past. And even more specifically, I know exactly what’s going to happen in the first two chapters, so writing them will be a relative breeze and it will give me more idea about where subsequent chapters need to go (I also know what I want to write for, say, Chapters Seven, Fourteen and Twenty, although less specifically, but that’s fine too — if you write like I do (i.e., make it up as you go along) you want flexibility).

There’s a trend in the last few months for writers to put up a bar graph in their blogs showing how much they’ve written in a book and how much they intend to write, but I will be having none of that nonsense myself, thank you very much, partly because I have no idea how much I’m going to write, although I suspect it’ll be in the same area as Old Man’s War: 95K words or so. But I don’t think I want the pressure of a bar graph. I’ll let you know when I actually begin; I’ll let you know when I finish and I’ll probably kvetch somewhere in the middle. That should be enough.

Before someone asks: Yes, I’ll probably ask for beta readers, but not before I’m done. I’ll probably keep the numbers small. I will let you know when that happens.

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  1. Congrats on your mention in Slate today:

    “Most bloggers laugh off the e-mail story. “This explains so much,” writes John M. Scalzi on his AOL Journal. “Especially why I enjoy listening to Phish and eating Doritos as I check my e-mail.” ”

    The section’s buried in the “Today’s Blogs” story:

  2. Ooh, yeah, the Installshield-type left to right bar graph is really tacky.

    BUT –

    How about a bottom to top thermometer chart like they do for charitable giving? Wouldn’t that be really cool? I’m sure someone could help with the graphic.

    Yeah, what do you think?

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