Daily Archives: April 28, 2005

I Like Rhapsody

Yesterday some snark over at Slashdot slathered his ignorant condescension on the Rhapsody music client from Real Networks: “I can’t comment on how good Rhapsody is since I’ve never met anyone who used it. That probably says enough right there,” this fellow posted. What a wonderful argument. Apply it to, say, the Macintosh OSX (currently […]

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Now We Call Him “Dusty.”

Here it is: The last picture of Rex you’re likely to see. Inside this box are his little furry ashes — well, the ashes themselves are not furry (and if they are, it’s time to recalibrate the heat elements at the crematorium), but you know what I mean. I imagine we’ll get him a somewhat […]

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Immortalized in Comic Form

This is moderately cool: Old Man’s War featured in a comic strip. Here’s the whole thing. You can tell where my brain is because my first thought after “hey, that’s my name in a cartoon strip” was “I certainly hope that man was able to complete his sale before he was dragged off.” Yeah, what […]

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