So, I really enjoy reading other people’s friend lists on LiveJournal; it’s like being able being able to spectate in other cliques’ conversations without them even knowing you’re there. Also, it’s interesting to find out who your friends’ friends are when they’re not hanging around with you. I’ve even gone so far to bookmark Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s friends page because he’s already gone through all the trouble of “friending” interesting people, and by reading his feed, I don’t have to make the effort myself. I even get irritated with PNH when he “friends” a feed I’m not interested in — damn it, Patrick, you’re diluting my reading experience!

(I suppose I could simply replicate PNH’s feed on my own friend feed, minus the occasional feed I find pointless, but there’s something profoundly creepy about replicating someone’s feed nearly in toto, and anyway, PNH’s feed and mine already have a high enough incidence of repeatage as it is.)

So, my question for those of you with LiveJournal accounts: is this sort of “FriendBrowsing” that I’m doing at all the usual thing? I mean, it should be — all those friends pages are just there waiting to be read, all the better to help you form an opinion of the people whose friend pages they are — but maybe I’m just a freak or something (in this particular instance; let’s leave the issue of my general freakishness for another time). Also, to feed my pathology, if you do read other people’s friends pages, are there ones you recommend? I can always use another pile of reading material.

The Missus

Mrs. Scalzi rocking out in my office yesterday:

You know, if any of you ever hear me kvetching about my wife in any way, I hope you will do me the favor of immediately pummeling me with an athletic sock filled with hard, unripened oranges. I will deserve no less.

The coolest thing about my wife? The fact that she’s unspeakably hot is the absolute least interesting thing about her. Yes, I know I don’t deserve her. But then, who does?