Daily Archives: May 10, 2005

Old Man’s War and Ghost Brigades Cover Art

I know, for a guy who says he’s taking the day off, I sure keep updating a lot. But I thought you’d like to see the new cover art of the trade paperback edition of Old Man’s War and the cover art for The Ghost Brigades, both of which were sent to me by Tor, […]

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Picture Pairing: A Meme

Actually, before I take the day off for my birthday, let me suggest a meme to propogate while I’m gone: Pair up a picture with a song that best describes the picture (or vice versa). “Best decribes” being open to interpretation — it could literally describe what’s going on in the picture, or it could […]

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36 today. 35 was largely a good year; I thank it for its service. 36 will hopefully carry on the tradition. Also, now that I am past the midpoint of my 30s, I have to say that it’s shaping up to be a damn fine decade. As with last year, I check to see if […]

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