Picture Pairing: A Meme

Actually, before I take the day off for my birthday, let me suggest a meme to propogate while I’m gone:

Pair up a picture with a song that best describes the picture (or vice versa). “Best decribes” being open to interpretation — it could literally describe what’s going on in the picture, or it could be a piece of music that invokes a feeling you associate with the picture, or whatever. Also, you can just name the song, if you think it’s something most people will recognize.

Here is my picture, and the song that goes with it:

Over the Hillside” by The Blue Nile, from their album Hats.

Your turn.

14 Comments on “Picture Pairing: A Meme”

  1. I’ll go with “Eleventh Earl of Mar,” as the photo reminds me of the Genesis “Wind & Wuthering” album cover.

    & I am old. So very very old.

  2. This isn’t related to the post; I hope you don’t mind.

    You may already know about this, but if not, Amazon has introduced a feature to its book pages called statistically improbable phrases, which are the distinctive phrases that occur more than expected in a particular book, more or less. Old Man’s War has an interesting list:
    slashing arms, stasis chamber, skip drives, your new body, platoon mates, skip distance, shuttle bay, firing solution, every recruit

  3. Maybe not as potent a meme as, “Believe in this and you’ll go to heaven,” but a damned sight prettier, and far less dangerous.

    And, Iain? You’re not the only one old enough to remember “Eleventh Earl of Mar,” so don’t feel too bad. “Wind and Wuthering” was stellar (though I’m still partial to “Trick of the Tail”).

    Here’s a link that has pictures of the album covers, too:


  4. “Are we allowed to reverse it, and to try to take/find a picture that we think matches a certain song?”

    I don’t see why not.

  5. On the Wind & Wuthering front, I think “Afterglow,” or even “One For The Vine,” goes better with the picture than “Eleventh Earl.”

    The first song that comes to my mind, though, is “Events In Dense Fog” by Brian Eno.

  6. Oh, the possibilities:

    — Theme from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
    — U2’s The Joshua Tree
    — The theme from that Gregory Hines/Mikael Barishnikov movie (White Nights, I think?)
    — Billy Joel’s “Scandanavian Skies”
    — “Morning Glow” from Broadway’s Pippin

    OK, now that I’ve hit show tunes, I’ll stop…

  7. You guys are evil. So I’m delving into SIPs over lunch, and I’m checking what John’s linked to (Six Degrees of Degustation, as it were). “Your New Body” is mostly self-help:

    9 references in Thriving After Breast Cancer : Essential Healing Exercises for Body and Mind by SHERRY LEBED DAVIS, STEPHANIE GUNNING

    9 references in Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

    7 references in Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell After Pregnancy : Every Woman’s Guide to Shaping Up, Slimming Down, and Staying Sane After the Baby by Debra Waterhouse

    3 references in The New Beverly Hills Diet Little Skinny Companion by Judy Mazel

    2 references in Make Your Body a Fat Burning Machine: 30 Days to a Leaner and Healthier You by John Abdo

  8. [twilight zone music in background]

    Weird, weird coincidence.

    After much hunting, I bought “Hats” last week. While I was in the store I almost bought Wind and Wuthering – I had them both in my hand at the same time – but put it back down, since there was only one track that I really wanted badly: “Blood on the Rooftops”.

    Anyway, the guitar bit on the front of *that* track matches your picture perfectly.

    [twilight zone music fades out, mist swirls in]

  9. For a nice melancholy or sorrow, I’d pair the picture on this page: gozips.uakron.edu/~kq1/images/ohio8.html with the Afghan Whig’s “Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer”, the last song off of Gentlemen. Just a very sad song, and a very sad picture. And yes, I’m going to be “that guy,” and choose one of my own pictures. I only wish I could say the song was my own, too.

    I posted a slightly longer version of this, with a link to the song, on my livejournal

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