Portraiture Before the Storm

I was going to post something longer, but a very nasty thunderstorm is bearing down and we have a severe thunderstorm alert until 10pm, and I’ll be powering down the computers as a precaution. Instead, I present two pictures just I took as we were on the porch, watching the storm roll on in. See you on the other side of it.

10 Comments on “Portraiture Before the Storm”

  1. You probably won’t get this until after, but I hope you enjoy the storm. On those plains you have there it should get a good running start before you get there. Late afternoon thunderstorms are one of my favorite things about summer in Ohio. If you’re lucky, you get to watch after they roll past, flashing and grumbling on their way to the next town.


  2. Boy, that’s a lot of photos of the wife lately. Are you in the doghouse for something? Is this the blog equivalent of when some guy comes running into the grocery store where I work and frantically asks where the floral department is?

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