Daily Archives: May 17, 2005

The Family Assassin

My sister asked me to send this to her, and I figured, well, as long as I am sending this to her, I might as well repost it here. It’s another from the long-lost Scalzi Archives. “OTHER THAN THAT, MRS. LINCOLN…” Thoughts on the Family Assassin Every family should have an interesting skeleton in the […]

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In Case You’re Wondering —

At the moment I’m fiddling with fonts. Don’t be surprised if the site looks slightly different. Update: Mac users, it should look different. PC users shouldn’t notice a difference at all. Of course, depending on what fonts you have on your computer, your mileage may vary.

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Selling Science Fiction Books in 2005

I’m finding the aftermath commentary to the Stupidity of Worrying About Online Piracy very interesting; apparently this subject is something people are thinking about, particularly for its long-term implications, much of which boils down to: Being willing to not worry about online piracy may work now, today, in 2005, when people are still lugging around […]

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