Not Even the Doglings Were Spared!


See? This is how Jake Lloyd should have been.

Update: Athena’s lightsaber’s been upgraded, courtesy of Eric Buhler. Thanks, Eric!

Holy Crap

Having just spent an obnoxiously large sum of money today to travel places around this goofy globe, I would now like to say that after this August, I am never again traveling anywhere ever again. All y’all are too damned expensive to visit. Thank God it’s all tax-deductible.

In other news, I am definitely going to be at Interaction in Glasgow this year. They’ve already contacted me about being on programming, so hopefully that will pan out. I’ll be arriving early Thursday, and leaving early Monday, which means I will miss the last day of programming. However, having been to two Worldcons so far, I’ve noted that each of their Mondays have been primarily about people walking around groggily from the night before and squinting when the light hits them. I hope you don’t mind when I say that’s not worth an extra day of being away from my family or spending another 100 pounds on a hotel room. Speaking of which: Stupid weak dollar. Yes, yes. I know. All the rest of world is enjoying seeing us dealing with a crappy exchange rate, just like they have all these years. Well, quiet, you! See if we come running to help you out in the next world war. Yeah, we’ll just sit here on our ADM-enlarged asses, with our weak beer, just laughing and pointing. See if we don’t.

One bright note in this dark festival of profligate spending is that I was able to change my hotel reservation at Interaction to the primary party hotel (The Hilton Glasgow) and away from the previous booking, which was somewhere dank and scary, I’m sure. This will make it marginally easier to get back to my room after a long hard night of geekery (and also, drinking. Well, watching other people drink, anyway).

Mind you, I am excited to be going to the places I’ll be going. I’m just having a sticker shock moment is all. I’ll be better soon.