Kibbles and Bits

Couple of things:

* Justine Larbalestier has caved and has now started a blog to complement her longer-form musings. One of us! One of us! Her first entry features her ginchy cover art for her upcoming book. Swing by and say “hi” to her.

* SFSignal has an interesting bit on the criteria the proprietor uses to review science fiction, which I find relevant both as a professional critic (my own techniques are similar) and because a review of Old Man’s War was recently posted on the site by the same writer. He liked the book, calling it “a fast-paced, fun, tip-of-the-hat to Heinlein that succeeds in every way it can.” Excellent.

* Speaking of me and Heinlein, The New York Review of Science Fiction recently reprinted my “Lessons from Heinlein” piece, in which I discuss what tips I imagine Heinlein had to provide in the actual writing of characters in science fiction. If you don’t subscribe to NYRSF, a version of it exists on my Old Man’s War preview page; click on the “extras” link.