It’s been pointed out to me that the quote I use here was taken from an online area where the house rules forbid outside posting. I’d note I checked the house rules prior to posting and missed the part that forbade outside posting, so I didn’t intentionally act maliciously. Regardless there was error and it was mine, and I naturally regret it and apologize to the posters in that online area for breaking that trust. It won’t happen twice.


The Honeymoon is Over

I don’t want to suggest I’ve become displeased with my Mac, which is and remains a fine machine — a tool for living, if you will, and somewhere Walter Gropius is smiling. Be that as it may, I’ve finally given up on the keyboard that came with the Mac and replaced it with one of my old Windows keyboards. Why? Because the Mac keyboard sucks for typing, that’s why. The keys are mushy and the throw is too deep and I end up spending a crapload of time going back and re-inputting capitalization and special marks and developing sore wrists. Yes, the Mac keyboard is esthetically superior, but esthetically superior means little to my RSI. Off it goes, to the banishment of the closet, where it will nestle up to the gorgeous but really useless Mac mouse, and they will be the best looking pair of discarded peripherals in the closet.

As for the Logitech keyboard that replaces it (and which had been previously attached to the Windows box before I removed it and replaced it with a wireless keyboard), well, I think if it had feelings it would be like the reliable spouse who is breifly thrown aside when the other spouse has a mid-life crisis and goes for someone sexier, only to quickly find out what they really want is someone who understands them, and therefore slinks back begging forgiveness. I’m sorry, Logitech keyboard. Let’s never fight again.

I suppose my Mac is appalled by all this, its clean white lines now ruined by being saddled with a black keyboard and a Microsoft five-button scroll mouse. But now I can use the Mac the way I need to. My Mac being a machine for living is all very nice. But when it comes down to it, I need a machine for working. If I have to choose between esthetics and functionality, eventually esthetics is going to get the boot. I know. That makes me a slob. What can I say. I’m a slob that now can get stuff done.


All The Cool People at Wiscon

Well, okay, not all the cool people, just the ones that happened to wander by my camera during the “Sign-Out,” in which authors signed books for their adoring fans (three of them in my case, although none were tremendously adoring, although they were perfectly nice). In case you’re wondering who is who in this little collage:

Top row (left to right): DJ (the guy who came by to get his book signed even though his girlfriend thought he was a geek. But he’s not! He’s totally wicked, so there), Justine Larbalestier (with a signed copy sticker on her head), Kelly Link (identifying her photographer), Benjamin “Pie Victim” Rosenbaum.

Second Row: Blogger and all-around nice guy Michael Rawdon, Nebula nominee Christopher Rowe, Superagent Shana Cohen, Strange Horizons EIC Susan Marie Groppi and friend whose name I know but for the life of me can’t remember at the moment; I want to say Matthew Wilder but I know that’s wrong, because that’s the guy who had the tremendously annoying 80s hit “Break My stride,” and that’s certainly not this fellow, thank God. So very sorry, friend of Susan Marie Groppi! You deserve better.

Third Row: Mary Anne Mohanraj (Strange Horizons founder, and living proof that, per Scott Westerfeld, “Sri Lanka is the new black”), Bond — Gwenda Bond, Elizabeth Bear (and her next book, Scardown), Nebula winner Elieen Gunn.

Fourth Row: Claire “I was browbeaten into buying John’s book” Light (thanks for buying the book, Claire!), Naomi “She of the Fabulous Jackets” Kritzer, Kristine “I tried to assassinate Ellen Kushner with a revolving door” Scalzi and Ellen “I survived an assassination attempt by Kristine Scalzi, so HA!” Kushner, Scott “This is me imitating William Shatner on the cover of The Transformed Man” Westerfeld.

Some cool people who were at Wiscon and who I hung about/were on panels/wish to imply I developed a special bond with but who did not fall into the clutches of my camera lens, thus retaining their souls(and in no particular order): Karen Meisner, Doselle and Janine Young, Lauren McLaughlin and her totally chav husband Andrew, Ted Chiang, Helen Pilinovsky, Theodora Goss, Gavin Grant, Anne KG Murphy, Liz Gorinsky, Jim Minz, Barth Anderson, Ellen Klages, and Jed Hartman. There are people I hung out with who I am not noting, mostly because it’s 1:35am and man, I’m beat. But I love you all, and it’s the wet, sloppy sort of love that becomes embarrassing in public spaces.

I’ll also take an additional paragraph to note the extreme supercoolosity of The Fabulous Lorraine and Jody Wurl, who drove three and a half hours to have lunch with Krissy and me, even though Lorraine was clearly in the late stages of consumption and I nearly caused her to hork up a lung on a number of occasions by telling her jokes. On the other hand I did find her some truly outstanding sunglasses that looked as if they were time-warped to us from 1983, snatched from the very face of Terry Bozzio to be flung forward to the present day. We were all very fortunate to experience them.

I’ll have some more coherent thoughts on Wiscon later, including what I recognize now is my biggest science fiction convention gripe. but for now, enjoy the photos and the namechecks. Because really, that’s what blogging about conventions is all about.

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