Music for Girls

Whatever reader Dennis is asking for music recommendations for his girl children. He writes:

Hey John, I have two daughters and I’m ever on the lookout for good music that they will enjoy. In particular, I like to find bands where girls (women, whatever) actually
play instruments. Since my girls are still young, I also try to find bands whose lyrics aren’t too degrading or boy-centric as well.

There are several decent-quality Christian bands my girls enjoy, including, Barlow Girl, Superchic[k], and the Halo Friendlies. Non-Xian bands are harder to find. We like the Japanese group Puffy (AmiYumi) for one.

Can you think of any others you have turned Athena on to? Or another good place tolook for such?

I don’t tend to differentiate music for Athena, so she listens to what we listen to (although I would personally second Puffy Ami Yumi, since I like them, too). So I thought I’d open this up to y’all: Name some girl-oriented bands/artists suitable for the pre-teen set, and not too heavy on the “boys are the reason for living” tip (which I would also agree with).

To open this up a little more, in addition to naming bands, if you can think of particular songs that would fit the bill (even if other songs from the band might not be appropriate for a pre-teen) go ahead and offer them up.

So: suggestions?

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