Moderating Addendum

If any of you are still at all interested, Nick Mamatas has further thoughts on moderating here, and you can read Nick and me engaging in a certain level of snark-fu on the subject in the comment thread here. Enjoy.

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  1. I’m perpetually interested in observational bias… In this case, it’s particularly interesting how any action can be seen (through a particularly colored lens) as primarily/solely to feed your ego.

    I guess the problem with admitting to being egocentric, is that people think it’s some kind of weak-spot, and will try and shovel any sort of ad-hominem for it…

    Like an exhaust port in a death-star? I’m not saying anything about whether or not you’re a fully functional battle station (to sadistically mix episode references)… but looking through a lens of “who is that joker?” it looks like desperation to me. See, now I get to observe myself!

  2. I’m about a 3rd of the way through:

    “Good thing this one was phrased as a question; if it were a sentence the outrageous stupidity of it would have been enormously disruptive to the discussion.”

    …This ends in bloodhshed doesn’t it? :P

  3. Nah, it eventually peters out. Snark can take you only so far. Besides, aside from this, Nick seems to be an okay guy.

  4. Nice promo picture for the Knight Rider / Different Strokes crossover episode he stuck up there *saves*.

    As for “and the the woman started WEEPING at the end (one of the Transformers dies!).”

    sounds like Code of Hero (ep 209) to me, which is indeed an exceptionally well executed and moving episode, tho whether that justifies a major emotional outburst in public is an entirely different story. Interesting panels he’s attended!

  5. Wow, what a snark-fest. Though I think ultimately this came down to Nick claiming that he didn’t need to utilize the format John suggested, because he has the intuitive ability to deflect naqmoac problems in mid-flight.

    I suspect he may even be correct, but it doesn’t really translate well as advice to the (likely) larger population of people who lack that talent.

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