World’s Crappiest Interview

Writer Jim Winter inaugurates his “World’s Crappiest Interview” feature on his blog with an interview of, well, me. It’s here.

Also, Jim: I’ve actually been on Oprah.

7 Comments on “World’s Crappiest Interview”

  1. Well, that wasn’t crappy at all. I’m disappointed.

    But, as a Linux fanboy, I must say, you should use some of your currently underutilized hardware to try out one of the more modern, desktop Linuxes (say a Xandros or Ubuntu)…remarkably easy to use, and not much in the way of extraneous thinking about the OS once you’ve run through the install process.

  2. Okay, tease, dish on how you were on Oprah. And this better not be a gag “I bumped into her and we fell over and I wound up laying on top of her” thing ;b

  3. I’ve written about it before. I did an article on the ridiculousness of “The Rules,” that horrid book about how to trap a man into marriage, and when Oprah had the women who had written the book on the show, they needed an opposing view from a man who had read the book, and apparently I was the only man in the whole of the US who had.

    So I had five minutes on the Oprah show to myself, talking about how The Rules were absolutely stupid and how Krissy had utterly ignored The Rules in our courtship, and yet there we were, happily married. And I’ll note still happily married, long after at least one of the “Rules” writers has gotten a divorce.

  4. I actually saw your appearance on the Oprah show, but I was unaware that you had actually been on Oprah. Was that a condition of getting on television?

  5. Not to derail the Oprah thread (because this is not a question, more of a comment), but “strepsirrhinic”? Wow, John, a word that not in the OS X dictionary, spell-check, /usr/share/dict, or Heck, according to Google you’re the first guy on the web to use it.

    Luckily, with my quality education I can pick up the meaning from context, although I do wonder why you chose then to mention “things similar to Greek sailor demons with throat infections”.

    Of course, now that I’ve used it here, I’m setting up a classic Winter vs. Scalzi PageRank deathmatch. But I’m sure both of you are above such things.

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