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As with many other folks around the online writing community, I’ve gone ahead and disabled Trackbacks until such time as I can find a reasonable way to moderate them as I moderate my comments, both of which have recently been awash in spam. The comment spam — between 600 and 1,000 per day — you don’t see because I’ve got a moderation widget to block about 99.9% of it. Alas, I do not have a trackback spam widget that does the same job, and while I’m not getting the immense amount of spam that I’m getting from the comment avenue, I am getting about 200 trackback spams a day, which is more than enough to swamp any value trackbacks actually have for me. If I want to see who is linking to me, I have Technorati and my log files — and you have technorati, too, if you’re itchin’ to know who’s linking to me and when.

I assume at some point in the reasonably near future Six Apart or someone will develop a Trackback widget that will allow me to excise spam trackbacks before they show up on my site, at which time I’ll re-enable trackbacks (such a thing may already exist — if you know of it, please let me know). Until then, however, this site is trackback-less.


Parental Blather, 6/14/2005

Not as if anyone really has any doubts as to whether Athena is really my kid or not, because oh my God, she’s so like me, but even so, allow me to present another bit of evidence:

Yes, I’m tickled pink about this particular award. And if I’m correct about this, I do think this story had at least a little to do with it (but not, I should note, my entirely fatuous commentary on it).

Not that I’m expecting Athena to follow in my footsteps, mind you (I think she’d prefer to make her own footsteps, and in any event, she’s only six), but she does enjoy making stories, and at one point she told me and her mom she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Of course, the week before that she wanted to be a fire fighter and the week after she wanted to run a hot dog stand, so by all means, let’s keep this in perspective. It’s still neat, though.

I’ll share an amusing Athena story with you from yesterday. Athena and I are out on the swings and she starts to whine about something.

Me: Don’t whine. You know we hate it when you whine.

Athena: Yeah, I know.

Me: Well, if you know we hate it, then why do you do it?

Athena (shrugs): Short-term memory loss?

See, this is where my mother would have whacked me upside the head for being a smartass. But I just think it’s funny as Hell.

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