A Public Apology to Chad Brink

So, I was rummaging through my office looking for, well, something to kill a bug, when I came across a copy of Old Man’s War. Which I then realized had been sent to me to sign, and I had not returned. And which I also remembered belonged to a person to whom I owed an ARC of Agent to the Stars — and had for a couple of months now.

So to that person, Chad Brink: Whoops. So very sorry that my brain is apparently 60% cottage cheese. I will send both books out in the mail tomorrow, along with an autographed copy of Book of the Dumb as small compensation for my utter incompetence.

Also, I did not kill that bug with your book. Honest.

6 Comments on “A Public Apology to Chad Brink”

  1. “Also, I did not kill that bug with your book. Honest.”

    That should increase the value of the book, especially if it inspires you to rewrite Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” from the exterminator’s point of view.

    So smash away. You’d be doing him a favor.

  2. I was going to wait till it had been an even six months before inquiring. I admit I was tempted to comment on your topic below about Athena having writing talents with “Maybe you could have [i]her[/i] sign my book and return it in the mail” :-)

    Thanks for the bonus though.


  3. John,

    When does Agent of the Stars come out again? I was doing my filing and came across the receipt – nearly forgotten I’d ordered it…

  4. It comes out sometime in July. Amazon has it as August 1, but I’m pretty sure pre-orders will be shipped before then.

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