Daily Archives: June 21, 2005

Open Letter to the University of Chicago Development Office

Dear University of Chicago Development Office: I’m going to make this simple for you: For every single piece of spam e-mail I receive from you exhorting me to give money to the University of Chicago, I intend to cut 25% off the original amount of money I intended to donate to you for the year. […]

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Oh My God! They Look Just Like Us!

The New York Times, which recently tried to homo-fy two guys socializing by calling it a “man date,” continues on its vein of mild heterosexual panic with an article that frets that thanks to heterosexual men deciding it’d be okay not to be a slob every once in a while, and gay men occasionally not […]

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How to Get Your Ass Kicked

Four sets of three songs on Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, standard setting, all at once. That should do it if you are a 36 year old somewhat infrequent exerciser, as I am. It’s a little under half an hour of seriously aerobic exercise, and it pretty much knocks me on my ass when I’m done. […]

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