Interaction Panel Schedule

Interaction (this year’s Worldcon) has mailed me my final panel schedule:

Thursday 5:00pm
How to Participate in and Moderate a Panel

Janice Gelb (M)
Eileen Gunn
Ellen Klages
John Scalzi

Notes: I suppose this is proof people do actually read the InterWeb.

Friday 12:00 noon
The Immortal in Written and Media SF

Ginjer Buchanan
Tanya Huff
Fiona McIntosh
Elaine Nichol
John Scalzi (M)

The immortal characters are a staple of SF and Fantasy. How do the
written and media genres cope with characters who look at the world
without our cultural assumptions.

Notes: This proves someone at Interaction has a sense of humor. When the preliminary panel assignments came out I wrote back telling them they should take me off the panel, since I haven’t written an immortal character nor do I have any plans to. Not only have they not taken me off the panel, they’ve gone and made me moderator. Very cute. But: I accept, and now I’ll read up on the subject and the other panelists’ work so I can intelligently direct traffic as the moderator. I don’t write immortal characters, but I think up of some interesting things to ask the people who do.

Saturday 7:00pm
Is Blogging Helping or Hurting Your Career?

Michael Cobley
Eileen Gunn
Benjamin Rosenbaum
John Scalzi (M)
Martha Wells

Is you blog taking over your life — or your writing? Are you
talking too much about writing and not actually writing, or is your
blog helping you to write better?

Notes: Heh. Yeah, I guess I know a little about this topic.

There you have it.

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